Bill Miller’s Lunch Hours

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q is a staple of Texas cuisine, with over 80 locations across the Lone Star State serving up delicious smoked meats, tacos, burgers, and more since 1953. As a popular local chain, Bill Miller draws big crowds during the lunch rush when people are seeking a convenient, delicious, and affordable meal.

Whether you’re a Bill Miller regular or have never tried it before, this post will cover everything you need to know to make the most of your Bill Miller lunch break.

So let’s get started dissecting the Bill Miller lunch hours!

Bill Miller Hours of Operation

DayBreakfast HoursLunch Hours
Monday9am – 11am11am – 9pm
Tuesday9am – 11am11am – 9pm
Wednesday9am – 11am11am – 9pm
Thursday9am – 11am11am – 9pm
Friday9am – 11am11am – 9pm
Saturday9am – 11am11am – 9pm
Sunday9am – 11am11am – 9pm

First, it’s helpful to understand Bill Miller’s general hours of operation. Locations are open daily from 9am to 10pm. This allows for plenty of opportunity to grab Bill Miller for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snacks.

Within those hours, there are a few key blocks that make up the primary lunch periods:

  • Morning: 9am to 11am
  • Midday: 11am to 1pm
  • Afternoon: 1pm to 3pm

While Bill Miller serves lunch all day long, the menus, specials, and crowds fluctuate between these major blocks of time. The midday rush from 11am to 1pm tends to be the busiest and most crowded lunch period. But the earlier and later blocks have their own advantages as well.

It’s also worth noting that specific menu offerings and specials may vary a bit by location. Individual restaurants may tweak their offerings and schedules slightly. Checking your nearest Bill Miller’s website or social media can provide updates on any location-specific promotions.

Morning Lunch Options

bill miller lunch hours

The morning hours at Bill Miller, from open at 9am through 11am, tend to be popular with early risers seeking a quick breakfast or light lunch. This time period has lighter crowds and is convenient for grabbing food on the way to work or school.

The morning menu features many of Bill Miller’s freshly made breakfast tacos, which can satisfy both savory and sweet cravings. Go-to options include egg and cheese, bacon and egg, potato and egg, chorizo and egg, and the sweet Cinnamon Crisp taco. They also offer breakfast sandwiches if you prefer an option between bread slices.

In addition to breakfast offerings, the morning menu includes lighter lunch fare like sandwiches, salads, and snacks. For example, you can grab a chopped brisket sandwich, broccoli salad, or side of curly fries to hold you over until a heavier lunch later.

If you have an early hankering for barbecue, you can also order Bill Miller classics like the two meat plate starting at 9am. But the morning is ideal for lighter and portable breakfast meals you can eat on the go.

Some key advantages of an early Bill Miller lunch include:

  • Shorter lines and wait times
  • Breakfast tacos and foods
  • Lighter lunch options like sandwiches and salads
  • Convenience for early risers and commuters

So if you’re looking for a quick, early meal or breakfast, Bill Miller’s morning hours are made for you. The lighter crowds and variety of options cater perfectly to early lunchers.

Midday Lunch Crowds and Options

As mentioned earlier, the midday period from 11am to 1pm tends to be the busiest and most crowded lunch time at Bill Miller. This is when the masses descend seeking hearty Texas barbecue and classic lunch offerings.

The midday rush brings out Bill Miller’s stars of the show – the smoked meats. Fan favorites like moist brisket, fall-off-the-bone ribs, spicy sausage, and pulled pork shoulder are Texas barbecue at its finest.

Plates allow you to pick your perfect protein pair like brisket with sausage or ribs with pulled pork. The two meat plates come with sides of potato salad, coleslaw, beans, corn, and bread. You can also order meat by the pound or family packs to feed a crowd.

In addition to barbecue plates, the lunch menu has a range of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and Tex-Mex favorites like tacos and quesadillas. Daily specials might include a loaded baked potato, chicken fried steak, or chicken fried chicken when you want to change things up.

Some tips for navigating the midday rush include:

  • Avoid 11:30am-12:30pm if possible, as it’s often the busiest time
  • Order takeout online in advance to skip lines
  • Go on weekdays earlier in the 11am hour to beat crowds
  • Know what you want ahead of time to speed up ordering

Although it’s the most crowded time, midday lunch at Bill Miller also gives you the biggest selection of their most popular menu items. You can get your true Texas barbecue fix with all the classic meats, sides, and fixings. Just be strategic in timing and ordering to make the most of the midday Bill Miller experience.

Afternoon Lunch and Happy Hour

As the lunch rush dies down after 1pm, Bill Miller sees a more relaxed pace in the afternoon hours leading up to 3pm. There are smaller crowds and more open seating if you want to dine in.

The afternoon is ideal for barbecue cravings when you want to avoid busier times. All of the smoked meats, plates, sandwiches, family packs, and combos are available if you prefer a heartier lunch.

Or the afternoon can be a chance to try lighter Bill Miller menu items like salads, sides, and snacks. Options like their chili, broccoli salad, curly fries, and fried okra make for perfect afternoon picks.

In addition, Bill Miller rolls out daily drink specials and happy hour deals starting in the afternoon. Specials might include $1 tea refills, $2 domestic drafts, or $2.50 imported drafts depending on the day and time. Afternoon is a prime opportunity to pair your food with discounted drinks.

Some advantages of an afternoon Bill Miller lunch include:

  • Less crowded with relaxed environment
  • Good for dining in with drink specials
  • Ability to order lighter or heartier fare
  • Easy access to full barbecue menu
  • Happy hour deals on beer, wine, and cocktails

So if you want to miss the chaos of midday but still crave Bill Miller, head there in the afternoon. You’ll find lower crowds, drink deals, and the flexibility to order anything off the menu you like.

Dining In vs. Takeout/Drive-Thru

When going to Bill Miller for lunch, an important decision is whether you want to dine in or take your food to go. There are pros and cons to each option depending on your priorities.

Dining In

Dining in allows you to sit and enjoy your meal while avoiding any packaging or leaks. You can take your time eating without worrying about your food getting cold. Bill Miller’s dining rooms have a casual, welcoming vibe.

However, dining in generally means waiting in longer lines and waiting for a table to open up. So it may not be the fastest option if you’re in a rush.


Grabbing takeout or using the drive-thru is fastest if you want to get in and out quickly. You can call in an order ahead of time online or just walk up to the counter.

The downside is having to eat in your car or on the go, which may be less enjoyable. And you run the risk of spills or leaks from the packaging.

Here are some tips to decide which option is best for your Bill Miller lunch:

  • Dining in is preferable if you want a relaxed experience and time to linger over your meal. Go during less busy hours to avoid long waits.
  • Takeout/drive-thru is best for faster service when you need to get back to work or are eating in your car. Call ahead online to speed up the process.
  • If undecided, order takeout but dine in during slower hours to have the best of both worlds.
  • Avoid takeout during busiest times, like midday, when packaging errors and delays are more likely.
  • Catering trays or family packs are ideal for group orders and feeding an office or large family.

Look at Bill Miller’s catering menu for bulk family meal options you can take to go.

Here are 5 common FAQs for the Bill Miller lunch hours blog post:

What are the busiest times for lunch at Bill Miller?

The midday lunch rush from 11am-1pm tends to be the busiest and most crowded. Lines will be longest and seating most limited during this time, especially from 11:30am-12:30pm. Going earlier or later in the day will generally be less busy.

Does Bill Miller serve breakfast?

Yes, Bill Miller locations open at 9am daily and begin serving breakfast tacos, egg sandwiches, and lighter morning fare starting then. The morning hours are a good time to enjoy breakfast tacos and lighter lunch options before the big midday crowds arrive.

How late is Bill Miller open for lunch?

All locations are open for lunch until 10pm when they close. Afternoon hours from 1-3pm tend to be less busy, making it a good time for a more relaxed barbecue or Tex-Mex lunch. Late lunchers can continue to order off the full menu until close at 10pm.

Should I use the drive-thru or go inside for lunch?

The drive-thru is fastest if you want to get in and out quickly. Going inside will take longer but allows you to dine in and avoid any issues with packaging or spills from takeout. Try to avoid takeout during the busiest 11am-1pm rush when the risk of errors and delays is higher.

Does Bill Miller offer lunch specials or deals?

Yes, Bill Miller offers daily lunch specials and promotional deals. These may include discounted meal combos, bulk family packs, or happy hour drink specials in the afternoon. Check with your nearest location for details on specials. Midday and afternoon are good times to take advantage of promotions.


Bill Miller Bar-B-Q has earned its place as a Texas institution thanks to its incredible smoked meats, down-home sides, and convenient locations. The lunch hours bring out locals seeking the familiar comfort of brisket, ribs, tacos, and other Lone Star State classics.

As this guide outlines, Bill Miller’s lunch offerings differ depending on when you go. Mornings are lighter, afternoons more relaxed, and middays filled with favorites. By planning your Bill Miller trips strategically using the tips here, you can enjoy your ideal lunch.

Next time hunger strikes at work or you need a quick family dinner, remember Bill Miller. Their barbecue, Tex-Mex, burgers, and classic sides will satisfy any comfort food craving. So head to your nearest Bill Miller location and treat yourself to an authentic Texas lunch!