Buc-ee’s Menu with Prices

Buc-ee’s Menu

If you’ve ever road tripped through Texas, chances are you’ve stopped at a Buc-ee’s. This iconic convenience store chain is known for its massive size, spotless bathrooms, endless snack options, and delicious food. As a Texan and frequent Buc-ee’s visitor myself, I’m here to give you the full scoop on the Buc-ee’s menu and prices. Get ready to fuel up!

Buc-ee’s Claim to Fame

Before we dive into the food, let’s talk about what makes Buc-ee’s so special. Founded in 1982, Buc-ee’s has grown to over 40 locations across Texas and the southern US. They’re famous for a few key things:

  • World’s cleanest bathrooms (seriously, they’re sparkling)
  • Friendliest staff around
  • Endless gas pumps so you never have to wait
  • Tons of unique Buc-ee’s branded merchandise
  • And of course, an unbelievable selection of fresh food

Stepping into a Buc-ee’s feels like entering a wonderland of snacks, gifts, and pure joy. But the main attraction for hungry travelers is the expansive food counter and all the Buc-ee’s original eats. So let’s get into it!

Buc-ee’s Menu with Prices

The Buc-ee’s food area is a sight to behold. Shiny cases full of hot meals, cold salads, and every type of snack imaginable. It’s sensory overload in the best way. Here are some of the most popular items you’ll find:

Buc-ee’s BBQ Menu with Prices

In Texas, we take our BBQ seriously. And Buc-ee’s delivers with their mouthwatering slow-smoked meats. You can get your BBQ in a few ways:

Chopped Brisket Sandwich$5.39
Sliced Brisket Sandwich$6.79
Pulled Pork Sandwich$4.99
Sausage Sandwich$4.99
Turkey Sandwich$6.79
Brisket Plate (1 meat, 2 sides)$9.99
Brisket Plate (2 meat, 2 sides)$12.99

The brisket is always tender and smoky, and the sausage has a nice snap. Load up your sandwich with pickles, onions, and BBQ sauce at the free fixins bar.

Buc-ee’s Tacos & Burritos Menu with Prices

Breakfast tacos are a Texas morning staple. Buc-ee’s offers them all day long, along with other Tex-Mex favorites:

Breakfast Tacos$2.29
Brisket Breakfast Tacos$3.29
Breakfast Burritos$3.99
Brisket Burritos$7.99
Fajita Tacos$8.99

The brisket breakfast tacos, stuffed with eggs, cheese, and smoky meat, are my personal go-to.

Buc-ee’s Sandwiches & Wraps Menu with Prices

In addition to the BBQ, Buc-ee’s has a variety of other sandwiches and wraps to satisfy any craving:

  • Club Sandwich – $5.99
  • BLT – $4.99
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $5.99
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap – $5.99
  • Veggie Wrap – $4.99

All are made fresh to order on soft bread or tortillas. Pair with a bag of Buc-ee’s chips or beaver nuggets!

Buc-ee’s Salads & Sides Menu with Prices

For a lighter meal, Buc-ee’s has a surprisingly great salad selection. Some options:

Cobb Salad$6.99
Chef Salad$6.99
Garden Salad$4.99
Fruit Cup$3.99

Freshly prepared and customizable. Round out your meal with classic sides like:

  • Mac & Cheese – $1.99
  • Coleslaw – $0.99
  • Potato Salad – $0.99
  • Corn on the Cob – $1.99

Buc-ee’s Sweets & Treats Menu with Prices

Now for the really good stuff – dessert! Buc-ee’s has an impressive bakery section full of goodies:

Cinnamon Roll$1.99
Pecan Pie$3.99
Banana Pudding$3.99
Fudge (1/4 lb)$3.99
Beaver Nuggets (13 oz)$4.99

The cinnamon rolls are giant, gooey, and perfect. And Beaver Nuggets, a Buc-ee’s original snack, are sweet little corn puff nuggets coated in brown sugar. Weirdly addictive.

Buc-ee’s Drink Station

To wash down all that road trip grub, Buc-ee’s has an epic wall of fountain drinks, teas, ICEEs, and more. Fill up any size cup for just $0.99! Some popular picks:

  • Buc-ee’s Sweet Tea
  • Dr Pepper (it’s a Texas thing)
  • Horchata
  • Bold Coffee
  • Icees in every flavor

They also have a full espresso bar serving up lattes, cappuccinos, and frozen coffee drinks. Fuel for the long drive ahead.

Buc-ee’s Jerky & Snacks Galore Menu with Prices

Buc-ee’s is a jerky lover’s paradise. They have a huge variety of flavors and meats, all made in-house. Some top sellers:

Buc-ee’s Hickory Smoked Jerky$7.99
Bohemian Garlic Jerky$7.99
Honey BBQ Jerky$7.99
Venison Jerky$14.99

Not into jerky? No worries, Buc-ee’s still has you covered in the snack department. A few of my faves:

  • Beaver Chips (kettle-cooked potato chips) – $1.99
  • Caramel Corn – $2.99
  • Spicy Peanuts – $2.99
  • Pickled Quail Eggs – $2.99 (don’t knock it till you try it!)

They also carry a bunch of classic convenience store munchies like Pringles, candy bars, trail mix, and more. You definitely won’t go hungry.

Kitschy Merchandise

Half the fun of Buc-ee’s is browsing their quirky gift shop. They sell all sorts of Buc-ee’s branded merchandise, like:

  • T-shirts and hats
  • Drinkware and coolers
  • Keychains and stickers
  • Plush beavers
  • Home decor
  • BBQ accessories

It’s kitschy-cute and totally Instagram-worthy. Prices vary but are pretty reasonable for novelty items. I always end up leaving with at least a bumper sticker.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it – the ultimate guide to Buc-ee’s menu and prices! As you can see, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re craving Texas BBQ, needing a quick snack, or wanting to bring home a quirky souvenir.

The prices are a bit higher than your average gas station, but the quality and freshness are top-notch. And honestly, the experience alone is worth a few extra bucks. There’s just nothing quite like a Buc-ee’s stop to break up a long trip.

I hope this inspires you to pull over at that giant beaver sign next time you’re driving through Texas. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Fuel up, chow down, and enjoy the Buc-ee’s magic. Happy trails!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Buc-ee’s Most Famous Food?

The Beaver Nuggets are undoubtedly Buc-ee’s most famous food item. These sweet and crunchy corn puffs coated in caramel have become a beloved snack for visitors and locals alike, making them a must-try for anyone visiting Buc-ee’s.

What Is the Most Popular Sandwich at Buc-ee’s?

The Brisket Sandwich reigns supreme as the most popular sandwich at Buc-ee’s. Featuring hot and fresh smoked brisket served on a soft bun, this sandwich is a true testament to the chain’s commitment to delivering delicious barbecue flavors.

Why Does Buc-ee’s Not Sell Pepsi?

Buc-ee’s has an exclusive deal with Coca-Cola, which is why they only sell Coca-Cola products and other soft drinks affiliated with the Coca-Cola company. This partnership ensures a consistent beverage selection across all Buc-ee’s locations.

Is Buc-ee’s Open 24 Hours a Day?

Yes, Buc-ee’s is open 24 hours a day, making it a convenient stop for travelers and night owls alike. While some menu items may have limited availability, snacks and cold sandwiches are always available to satisfy your cravings.

Does Buc-ee’s Serve All of the Foods All Day Long?

No, Buc-ee’s does not serve all food items from the menu throughout the entire day. BBQ sandwiches, for instance, are only available from 11:30 AM until midnight, while breakfast items are served from 4:00 AM to 10:30 AM. However, Fresh Hot Food, Cold Sandwiches, Fruit Cups, Wraps, Salads, Protein Packs, Jerky Bar, and Homemade Fudge are available around the clock.

What Are the Most Popular Bakery Items at Buc-ee’s?

The Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies are among the most popular bakery items at Buc-ee’s. These freshly baked treats are perfect for satisfying a sweet craving on the go.

Does Buc-ee’s Offer Vegetarian and Vegan Options?

Yes, Buc-ee’s menu includes several vegetarian and vegan options. The Garden Salad and various wraps and sandwiches can be customized to accommodate plant-based diets.

Can I Order Catering from Buc-ee’s?

While Buc-ee’s does not offer a dedicated catering service, many locations allow customers to place large orders for events or gatherings. It’s best to contact your local Buc-ee’s store for more information on their catering capabilities.