Benihana Happy Hours & Menu

Happy hour is a beloved tradition at restaurants across America. Offering discounted drinks and appetizers during select hours, it’s a great way to unwind after work or enjoy a casual dinner before a night out.

Benihana, the famous Japanese teppanyaki steakhouse, has its own happy hour promotion that is popular among guests. With sushi, drinks, and other Asian-inspired bites available at reduced prices, it’s an excellent opportunity to experience Benihana’s cuisine at a great value.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide everything you need to know to take advantage of Benihana’s happy hour, including:

  • Days and times happy hour is offered
  • Menu items available during happy hour
  • Prices and discounts on food and drinks
  • Variations by location
  • Tips to maximize your happy hour experience

Whether you’re a Benihana regular or have never been before, this in-depth happy hour guide will equip you to enjoy the best deals on Japanese fare and signature cocktails at the famous Teppanyaki restaurant chain. Let’s get started!

Benihana Happy Hours

Most locationsMonday – Friday3pm – 6pm
Some locationsMonday – Friday2pm – 6pm or 3pm – 7pm
Select locationsSaturday – Sunday3pm – 6pm
Locations open lateMonday – Friday9pm – close
HolidaysN/ANot offered

The first thing to know is when you can take advantage of Benihana’s happy hour deals.

In general, Benihana offers a happy hour:

  • Monday – Friday
  • From 3pm – 6pm
  • At participating restaurant bar and lounge areas

However, the specific happy hour times can vary by location. Some restaurants may offer it from 2pm – 6pm or 3pm – 7pm instead.

Certain Benihana restaurants with late night service may also offer a late night happy hour from 9pm – close.

And while most locations offer their happy hour promotion Monday through Friday, some may extend it to weekends as well.

It’s a good idea to contact your local Benihana to confirm their exact happy hour times before heading over. You can find your closest restaurant’s phone number and other contact information on Benihana’s website.

Some additional details about Benihana’s happy hour schedule:

  • Not offered on major holidays: Benihana typically does not offer happy hour on major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. So be sure to verify happy hour is available if planning to visit on or around a holiday.
  • All drinks: Their happy hour deals apply to all beverages, including beer, wine, sake, and cocktails.

With happy hour offered on weekdays at most locations, it’s a great way to enjoy discounted Benihana favorites any day of the work week. Just confirm the times with your local restaurant first.

Benihana Happy Hour Menu

Benihana Happy Hours

The happy hour menu at Benihana focuses on lighter, shareable fare perfect for drinking and snacking. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Edamame – Steamed soybeans lightly salted. A Japanese staple.
  • Gyoza – Pan-fried pork dumplings served with a ginger dipping sauce.
  • Spring Rolls – Crispy vegetable spring rolls with dipping sauce.
  • Tempura – Lightly battered and fried shrimp and vegetables.
  • Crab Puffs – Crab meat fried in tempura batter.
  • Shrimp Shumai – Steamed shrimp dumplings.

In addition to the classics above, some locations may offer deals on other appetizers like calamari or shrimp tempura during happy hour.

Sushi Rolls

Benihana also offers several discounted sushi rolls at happy hour:

  • Avocado Roll – With fresh avocado and sesame seeds.
  • California Roll – Crab meat, avocado, and cucumber.
  • Spicy Tuna Roll – Fresh tuna with spicy mayo.
  • Salmon Roll – Fresh salmon.
  • Shrimp Tempura Roll – With tempura battered shrimp.
  • Philadelphia Roll – Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber.

The selection can vary by location, but you’ll always find a few budget-friendly sushi options marked down during happy hour.


The drink deals are a major draw of happy hour at Benihana. Expect discounted prices on cocktails, wine, beer and sake.

Some signature cocktails featured during happy hour include:

  • Tokyo Tea – Their twist on Long Island Iced Tea.
  • Ginger Pear Martini – Grey Goose La Poire vodka with ginger liqueur.
  • Lychee Martini – Vodka with fresh lychee fruit.
  • Japanese Slipper – Midori melon liqueur mixed with sake.
  • Geisha Girl – Raspberry vodka, melon, and pineapple.

For beer, Kirin and Sapporo are typical options along with domestic beers like Bud Light or Blue Moon.

The wine list focuses on Japanese sake along with house red and white wine varietals.

You’ll always find a well-rounded drink menu marked down during Benihana’s happy hour.


So how much can you expect to save during happy hour? Here are some typical prices, though discounts vary slightly by location:

  • Appetizers: $3 to $8 per order
  • Sushi rolls: $5 to $10 per order
  • Cocktails: $7 to $10 per drink
  • Beer: $3 to $5 per glass
  • Wine/Sake: $5 to $7 per glass

Most appetizers and rolls are priced under $10, with cocktails around $8 or less. So you can sample a variety of items without breaking the bank.

Overall, expect happy hour prices to be 20% to 50% lower than regular menu prices. Keep an eye out for any extra specials or deals offered exclusively during happy hour as well.

How to Make the Most of Happy Hour

Now that you know when happy hour is and what’s on the menu, here are some tips to maximize the experience:

Arrive Early

Benihana’s happy hour is most popular right when it begins at 3pm or 4pm. Be sure to arrive early to secure a seat right away. This ensures you can order drinks and food as soon as the happy hour starts.

The bar and lounge areas tend to fill up fastest. If the restaurant has a sushi bar, that’s another great option. Arriving early guarantees you’ll get a spot.

Take Advantage of Drink Deals

With cocktails, wine, beer, and sake available at discounted prices, happy hour is the perfect time to try Benihana’s signature drinks you might not order otherwise.

Splurge on that fancy Orchid Martini or Geisha Girl cocktail you’ve had your eye on for just $8 or $9.

Share Bites Family-Style

Benihana’s happy hour menu is perfect for ordering and sharing several lighter appetizers family-style.

Get edamame, gyoza, and tempura to start. Then add rolls like the California, Spicy Tuna, and Avocado to sample a variety.

Sharing dishes lets you taste a bit of everything without getting too full to try the drinks!

Bring a Group

While happy hour can be fun solo or with a partner, bringing a group maximizes your ability to sample all of the available menu items.

With a group of 4 to 6 people, you can order pretty much every appetizer and roll option to share. It becomes a fun tasting menu experience.

Splitting dishes makes the happy hour prices even more budget-friendly too.

Sign Up for Email Club

Benihana offers an email club where members receive exclusive news and special offers.

It’s worth signing up because they’ll occasionally send out happy hour promos and coupons for free appetizers or drinks that you can stack on top of the regular happy hour deals.

Avoid Peak Dinner Times

While happy hour ends between 6pm and 7pm at most locations, be cautious about staying past that if you want to avoid the hectic dinner rush.

Otherwise, you may get stuck waiting a while for a table and have to order off the regular dinner menu.

Stick to happy hour or make plans to come back later for dinner after the initial rush dies down.

Location-Based Variations

While this guide covers Benihana’s overall happy hour program, there are some slight location-based differences as well.

Here are some things that may vary:

  • Exact Times: As mentioned, happy hour times can range from 2pm to 7pm depending on the restaurant.
  • Menu Selection: While the general categories will be the same, the specific appetizers and sushi rolls offered can vary.
  • Drink Selection: The cocktail list may differ somewhat between restaurants. Some may offer more sake options as well.
  • Weekend Hours: Most offer happy hour Monday through Friday, but some have it Saturday and Sunday too.
  • Late Night Hours: A minority of locations with late night service offer a 9pm – close happy hour.
  • Prices: There is some slight variation in prices between restaurants, usually just a dollar or two.

To ensure you have accurate, up-to-date information, it’s always best to contact your local Benihana to get details on their specific happy hour offerings.

The general framework will be the same. But knowing the precise menu, prices, and hours for your desired location will guarantee you don’t miss out on any deals.

Here are 5 common FAQs for the Benihana happy hour blog post:

What are the happy hour times at my local Benihana?

Happy hour times can vary by location. To get the exact hours for your local Benihana restaurant, it’s best to contact the restaurant directly. Most locations offer happy hour Monday-Friday from 3-6pm or 4-7pm, but some have expanded or late night happy hour as well.

What drinks and food are discounted during happy hour?

Typical happy hour discounts include $2-$5 appetizers like edamame, gyoza, and spring rolls. Sushi rolls are $2-$5 off. Drinks include $3-$5 beer, wine, sake, and cocktails like the Tokyo Tea and Lychee Martini. Signature rolls and cocktails unique to each location may also be discounted.

Do I need a coupon to get the happy hour deals?

No coupon or promotion code is needed. The happy hour discounts are automatically applied to the select appetizers, sushi rolls, and drinks during the designated happy hour times. You can sign up for Benihana’s email club to receive special happy hour coupons on top of the regular deals.

Where in the restaurant is happy hour offered?

The happy hour deals are only valid in the bar and lounge areas. If you want to take advantage, sit at the bar or in the lounge section rather than getting a table in the main dining room. Some locations also offer happy hour in the hibachi dining section.

Is the happy hour menu the same at every Benihana?

While the overall concept is the same, the specific happy hour details can vary slightly by location. Certain appetizers, sushi rolls, drinks, and prices may be different. Check with your local Benihana for the exact happy hour menu.


Benihana’s lively happy hour is a fantastic way to experience their signature Japanese cuisine at a discounted price point. With generous deals on appetizers, sushi rolls, cocktails, beer, wine, and sake, there are plenty of ways to save.

By arriving early, taking advantage of drink discounts, sharing items family-style, and signing up for promotional emails, you can maximize your happy hour value. It’s a budget-friendly opportunity to enjoy Benihana favorites in a festive atmosphere.

Hopefully this guide provides everything you need to know to make the most of Benihana’s beloved happy hour tradition. Now get out there and sip some sake, savor some sushi, and save some money! Just don’t forget to double check your local restaurant’s happy hour times first.