Apollo Burger Breakfast Hours

Apollo Burger is a beloved local fast food chain known for its delicious burgers, fries, and shakes. What many people may not know is that Apollo Burger also serves up a tasty breakfast menu at select locations. Their breakfast offerings include everything from breakfast sandwiches and burritos to hashbrowns, cinnamon rolls, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide an in-depth look at Apollo Burger’s breakfast menu, hours, locations, ordering tips, nutrition information, and frequently asked questions.

Whether you are a loyal Apollo Burger fan or have never tried their breakfast offerings, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy a satisfying morning meal from this classic burger joint.

Apollo Burger’s Breakfast Menu

Apollo Burger Breakfast Hours

Apollo Burger’s breakfast menu includes both savory and sweet options to satisfy any morning craving. Some of their most popular breakfast items include:

Breakfast Sandwiches

Apollo Burger offers several breakfast sandwich options, all served on a toasted English muffin or biscuit. Choose from egg and cheese, egg and sausage, egg and bacon, or a combination of all three. The sandwiches can be customized with extras like hashbrowns, jalapenos, or a slice of ham.

Breakfast Burritos

For a heartier breakfast, try one of Apollo Burger’s overstuffed breakfast burritos. Fillings include egg, sausage, bacon, ham, hashbrowns, and cheese wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla.

Oatmeal and Yogurt Parfaits

If you prefer a lighter breakfast, Apollo Burger has oatmeal and yogurt parfaits topped with fresh fruit and granola. It’s a refreshing, protein-packed way to start the day.

Hash Browns and Tater Tots

No breakfast is complete without potatoes! Get an order of Apollo Burger’s crispy hash browns or tater tots on the side.

Baked Goods

Apollo Burger bakes up fresh muffins, donuts, and cinnamon rolls each morning. Pair your breakfast sandwich with something sweet like a blueberry muffin or glazed donut.


Wash it all down with a fresh cup of coffee, milk, or juice. Apollo Burger serves drip coffee, lattes, orange juice, and milk.

With all these options, Apollo Burger has something to satisfy every breakfast craving. Now let’s look at when and where you can get Apollo Burger breakfast.

Breakfast Hours and Locations

LocationMonday-Friday HoursSaturday HoursSunday Hours
Downtown SLC6:00am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:00am
West Jordan7:00am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:00am
Bountiful6:30am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:00am
Layton6:00am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:00am
Riverdale6:00am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:30amClosed
St. George6:00am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:30am7:00am – 10:00am

Not all Apollo Burger locations offer breakfast, and hours vary by location. Here’s what you need to know about getting your Apollo Burger breakfast fix:


On weekdays, most Apollo Burger breakfast hours start between 6-7AM. Weekend hours are typically 8-9AM. Most locations stop serving breakfast by 10:30-11AM.

Some locations with especially early risers open as early as 5AM on weekdays. Be sure to check your local Apollo Burger for exact hours.


Breakfast is served Monday through Friday at most locations. Many also offer breakfast hours on Saturday and Sunday. However, weekend breakfast may have more limited hours compared to weekdays.


Currently, about 75% of all Apollo Burger locations offer breakfast. Most breakfast locations are concentrated in the city centers and surrounding suburbs. Apollo Burgers along highways or in rural areas are less likely to serve breakfast.

You can check if your nearest Apollo Burger has breakfast by looking on their store locator page. Locations with breakfast will have “Breakfast Hours” listed.

So in summary – breakfast hours start early, end by mid-morning, and are served at most but not all Apollo Burger locations, especially in urban areas. With so many options on the menu, it’s worth seeking out an Apollo Burger that serves breakfast to start your day off right.

How to Order Breakfast at Apollo Burger

Here are some tips and recommendations for ordering breakfast smoothly at Apollo Burger:

Order Ahead

The best way to avoid the morning rush is to order ahead. Place your order online or in the Apollo Burger app for quick grab-and-go service.

Know the Peak Times

If you do dine-in, expect longer lines between 7-9AM on weekdays when people are getting breakfast before work and school. Arrive closer to opening or late morning for quicker service.

Combos are Cost Effective

Opt for one of Apollo Burger’s breakfast combos to get the most food for your money. Combo options include a breakfast sandwich, hash browns or tater tots, and a drink.

Fan Favorites

The sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit is a top seller, as is the loaded breakfast burrito with all the fillings. Both are great choices if you’re undecided.

Customize Your Meal

Don’t be afraid to customize your breakfast sandwich or burrito with extra meats, veggies, and sauces to match your tastes.

Save Room for Baked Goods

Leave space for something sweet like a freshly baked cinnamon roll or blueberry muffin to complete your morning meal.

With pro tips like ordering ahead, avoiding peak times, and customizing your meal, you’ll be ready to get the most out of your Apollo Burger breakfast visit.

Nutrition Information

If you’re looking to eat healthy, Apollo Burger’s breakfast menu has lighter options in addition to the indulgent classics. Here’s a look at the nutrition counts:

Breakfast Sandwiches

A basic egg and cheese biscuit or English muffin sandwich contains about 300 calories. Adding meats like sausage or bacon tacks on an extra 70-90 calories and 4-7g of fat.


A breakfast burrito without extras clocks in around 500 calories. Loading it up with additional meats, potatoes, cheese and sauce can put you closer to 800-900 calories.

Baked Goods

Muffins and donuts range from 220-470 calories. Cinnamon rolls have around 330 calories.

Hash Browns and Tater Tots

A small order of hash browns or tater tots has about 150 calories. Size up to a bigger portion and you’re looking at over 300 calories.

Oatmeal and Yogurt Parfaits

These are lighter options at 200 calories for oatmeal and 250 for yogurt. Adding fresh fruit boosts vitamins and fiber.

So if you’re calorie counting, go for egg sandwiches without meat, lighter baked goods like muffins, and oatmeal or yogurt. But if you want to indulge, the loaded breakfast burritos and hash browns are delicious too. Apollo Burger has options to fit any diet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apollo Burger Breakfast

What time does Apollo Burger stop serving breakfast?

Most locations stop breakfast service between 10:30-11AM. Some end earlier around 10AM, while select locations may go until 11:30AM. Check your local Apollo Burger for exact end times.

Can I get breakfast all day at Apollo Burger?

Unfortunately, no – Apollo Burger breakfast is only served during the morning breakfast hours, not all day.

Does Apollo Burger serve breakfast on weekends?

Many Apollo Burger locations do serve breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays with more limited hours compared to weekdays. Check the store locator to see if your local branch is open for breakfast on weekends.

What’s the healthiest breakfast option at Apollo Burger?

For a lighter breakfast, try the oatmeal or yogurt parfait, egg and cheese biscuit or English muffin sans meat, or a breakfast burrito with just egg and cheese. Avoid heavy meats, cheeses, and fried potatoes.

Does Apollo Burger have any vegan or vegetarian breakfast options?

While their breakfast menu is mostly classic meat and eggs, you can order a breakfast sandwich or burrito without meat or with just egg and cheese. The hash browns and baked goods are vegetarian too.

Can I get breakfast delivered from Apollo Burger?

Yes, Apollo Burger offers delivery through apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash. Order ahead on their website or app and get breakfast delivered to your door.


For a fast, convenient, and tasty start to your day, look no further than Apollo Burger’s extensive breakfast menu. Stop by one of their many breakfast-serving locations and be prepared to order ahead to avoid the morning rush. Try one of their hot breakfast sandwiches, loaded burritos, or lighter oatmeal and yogurt options. And don’t forget something sweet like a muffin or cinnamon roll! Whatever you order, Apollo Burger will get your day off to a great start.